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Staffing And Org.

By KITTY201432 Mar 19, 2014 1431 Words
Organizational Staffing Plan: Part 2

Organizational Staffing Plan: Part 2
The purpose of this paper is to provide additional insight into the staffing process to be implemented by the owner of University Café. Recruitment plans are not an easy task however it’s very necessary for any business. The main topics to include in a recruitment plan are the plan and implement strategy, communication message, communication medium, selection process, selection assessment method, and the predictors to access KSAOs. Recruiting Plan and Implementation Strategy

University Café plans to utilize online recruitment by doing such it will allow the owner to gather the largest amount of applicants. Online job sites have transformed the recruitment process for both the company and the job seekers. The benefits of online recruitment are reduces cost-of-hire, reduce time-to-hire, wider reach for employers, and state-of-the –art filtration tools.

Because the location of the café is near the university the owner will utilize campus recruiting. The owner will build relationships with the campus dean and professors therefor they can recommend potential business students for hire. The café will be a great place for students looking for internships. Creating a Communication Message

Who are we:
As a proud member of the community University Café offer our guest a sense of belonging one sip at a time. We are a diverse partnership serving out community with pride, dignity, and respect. We offer one of the highest qualities of roosted coffee bean, tea, smoothies, and pastries. Our café is equipped with two flat screen TV’s and Wi-Fi, and a private meeting room to meet the needs of our guest. Our mission:

To serve our community with pride dignity and respect one tats at a time! Communication message:
If you like serving your community and the sweet smell of fresh roosted coffee then University Café is the place to be. We will be accepting resumes and conducting on the spot interviews for store managers and servers, Saturday March 8 2014 between the hours of 10:00 - 4:00 PM.

University Café is an equal opportunity employer. We offer competitive wages and benefits with rewards for hard work and dedication. Because all our staff is important to us we have an open door policy and no situation it too big or too small which means any problem will never be ignored. Responsibilities for store manager:

The café manager will be responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the enterprise, to include finances, health and safety, inventory, pay roll, scheduling, and supervising of all other employees. Respected applicant must be able to work weekends and most holidays. Skills needed:

Previous management desired but not required
Previous customer service is a must
Two years of business management education
Good communication skills
Management of personal resources
Some form of accounting experience

Café manager is a salary based position and will be determined based on education and previous experience. Compensation package will include health, dental, and vision care which will go in effect after first 30 days of employment. Responsibilities for servers:

Servers will be responsible for taking orders, and serving beverage or desserts to customers. Perform cleaning duties to include dusting, mopping, sweeping, washing dishes, and sanitary equipment. Balance receipts and payments in cash register. The café will be open seven days a week and all employees must be able to work every other weekends and some holidays. Skills needed:

Good communication skills
Social perceptiveness
The ability to multi task
The ability to handle cash
Ability to operate generalized cash register
Qualified candidates will be paid an hourly wage of $ 9.75 with an increase of $.25 after four months and $.75 after first year of continued employment. All workers working 35 hours a week will be considered as full time and will be eligible for compensation package to include health, dental, and vision care which will go in effect after first 30 days of employment. If interested refer to the café web site at click on Apply Now and upload your resume. If applying for management you must be able to pass background, drug and assessment test. If applying to be a server you will be required to pass a drug test and an assessment test. Selecting an Effective Communication Medium

When selecting an applicant the owner will make sure to stay in compliance with all laws, and take notes as to why or why not the applicant was chosen for the desired position during each interview. The owner decision will base the decision on whether or not the interviewer meats the job requirements listed on the job posting. Each applicant that is chosen for employment will be aware of all expectations from them and the rewards for meeting their expectations. Selection Process

The owner plans to staff the café by stating the terms and conditions of hire in a documented form that explains the agreement of expectations for all future job applicants and employees working at University Café. All applicants that qualify for the job will receive consideration for employment without concern to national organ, race, age, sex, disability, religion, marital status, sexual orientation gender identity, or veteran status.

Each applicant will be asked the same questions and when doing so the interviewer will matinee a friendly and welcoming composure so that the applicant will have no hesitant when offered the position.‘ I have learned that impressions are formed prior to interviews and have a great impact on applicants’ attitudes toward employment (Kirkwood, 1999).’ The advantages of using this interviewing method is all applicants are given the same equal opportunity for employment. There will be no chances of getting sued because employee will be chosen based on his or her answers to the questions during the interview. Selection Assessment Methods

“Initial assessment methods are used to reduce the applicant pool to candidates, substantive assessment methods are used to reduce the candidate pool to finalists for the job (McGraw-Hill 2006).”

The owner plans to give each manager and servers a personality test. Personality tests are used to measure attitudes, interest, interpersonal skills, and emotional adjustment. The test may include questions such as do you like to party? Based on the answer the owner will be able to figure out if the individual is a good fit for the job. Learning ones personality is beneficial to the café because employees will be dealing with the public and the employee’s personality should complement one another.

In addition to the personality test managers will be required to take a situational judgment and cognitive ability test. Situational judgment test are test that place employees in real life situations, applicants will be asked questions such as (if a customer is unhappy with his or her service how will you respond to this customer). “Cognitive ability tests refer to measures that assess abilities involved in thinking, including perception, memory, reasoning, verbal and mathematical abilities, and the expression of ideas (McGraw-Hill 2006).” It’s beneficial to use the situational judgment test because the owner will be able to see how well the individual handle problems. Cognitive ability test insures that the manager have the ability to run the café based on the desired qualifications of the position. Predictors to Assess KSAOs

Important predictors for applicants through background checks will indicate if the applicant was truthful about the information on application such as previous work experience and education level. Applicants will be asked to sign a permission slip indicating its ok to verify all information on the application. Verification will be performed because some applicants use false information in their application in order to make the applicant appear more qualified. When checking with previous employers the owner will be asking question about the applicant attendance, work ethics, and how long was they employed with them. Conclusion

The way a company presents itself to applicants will determine the quality of applicants so there for it’s important for any organization to represent itself in the best business manner as possible. Management should always perform background test on all applicants to include work ethics, how long on the job, and education. I strongly believe in assessment testing because they can pick on things humans may have a hard time acknowledging during the interviewing process. Recruiting is an essential part of any business and its beneficial when don properly. Choosing the right people for the job will produce good results.

Heneman, H., Judge, T., & Kammeyer-Muller, J. (2012). Staffing organizations, 7th ed. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. Kirkwood, W. G. (1999). Inviting Meaningful Applicant Performances in Employment Interviews. Journal Of Business Communication. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (2013, July 01). Tips on Employee Retention. Retrieved July 02, 2013, from

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