Staff Mortivation

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Case Study: Staff Motivation: Not so much a pyramid, More a Slippery slope. Case Introduction:
The ca se study is about an International Air Passenger Transport Organization, facing difficulties even as now This case mainly forces on Team Motivation & the way of managers’ balance the work with their own teams, So the relevant case study mainly talks about, Two Managers “Piet” And “Robert” how they are managing, day to day work keeping customers happy to move forward.

Task 1 –
Piet Andaro - Short Term
* Piet will be de-motivated impacting the performance of his team and himself. * He might receive negative comments from his management who does not have a full understanding of the role played by Piet which will lead to further dissatisfaction.

Piet Andaro - Short Term
* Piet might look forward for a career break which will give him an opportunity to consider other options available to him. * Another competitive Airline might make an offer to Piet and Piet might take the offer taking in to consideration the unsatisfying working environment with the current employer. * In the long run the Airline will realize the overall breadth of work Piet performed and how Piet build good will among the customers and helped to retain them even under difficult circumstances.

The Airline – Short Term
* The Airline will not see a massive reduction in ticket sales in the short term. * Airline might see an increase in customer complaints.
* Airline management will remain in their comfort zone.

The Airline – Long Term
* Will have many dissatisfied economy class customers whom will switch to different Airlines in future. * Airline will see a considerable drop in sales which will force the Airline management to seriously look in to employee and customer issues.

The Customer - Short Term
* Economy class customers will see a difference in the way they are being treated. * Customers having frequent flyer option will not have any issues.

The Customer - Long Term
* There will be an increased number of customers who will see that they are being treated badly compared to their previous experiences in flight overbooked situations. * Economy class customers will have a negative impression about the Airline which will trigger them to consider another competitive Airline. * Customer loyalty will reduce for the Airline.

My personal opinion is that the current management of the Airline is maintaining their presence in their own comfort zones departures.

Task 2. -
Whilst most workers are only absent from work for genuine reasons such as injury or sickness, every company has problems with people who take time off work for no particular valid reason, although they’ll almost always come up with a legitimate ‘valid excuse’ A high level of absenteeism is not only extremely costly to employers but it can add to the burden of the rest of the staff and lower morale. Major reason that people tend to take time off work is because of High Stress Levels. That said, it’s rare for an employee to state ‘stress’ as the reason they’re unable to work. And, although genuine stress is very real in its severest forms, many people would possibly perceive it as a weakness if they were to own up to feeling stressed, so they simply cover that up with an often less convincing excuse. The reasons people get stressed out because of work can be many and diverse. However, the more common reasons cited have tended to be related to employers and supervisors who are very authoritarian and inflexible.

They often don’t listen to the workers, do not communicate very well, and adopt a blame culture when things go wrong,

Speak down to workers and generally want things done their way or no way at all. This can all result in a high staff turnover, increased absenteeism, Low Staff Morale, employee burnout and genuine illnesses such as headaches which brought on by the stress.

So even though...
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