Staff accountant

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Staff Accountant
Emilee Nagele
College of Western Idaho

Accounting is the language of business. Accountants help make sure that individuals do their taxes, get their financial statements made correctly. The job description of an accountant includes making financial statements, fixing general ledgers, and helping their clients with taxes during the tax season. Accountants have to have specific education, which can include a bachelor degree and the CPA exam. Many accountants absolutely love their job and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Keywords: Staff accountant, CPA, taxes and financial statements.

Staff Accountant
When an individual mentions accounting there are many things that may pop in an individuals mind. Taxes are usually the first and then bookkeeping. There are several different types of accountants, cost accountants, auditors, financial managers, and finance advisors to name a few. The type of accountant that catches my attention is a staff accountant. “Staff accountants are employed by governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, public companies, and accounting firms. Various documents are prepared by staff accountants, including financial statements, monthly reports and income tax returns” (Staff Accountant Requirements, 2013). Staff Accountants touch on all of the main things I like doing in accounting that include financial statements, monthly reports and taxes. Job Description

When an individual takes on the task of becoming a staff accountant they have many responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are daily while others are annual. “They are responsible for the provision of general ledgers, records, and financial reports, the preparation and analysis of budgets, and the performance of general bookkeeping. Usually, billing activities, such as accounts receivable and accounts payable are expected to be performed by staff accountants” (Staff Accountant Requirements, 2013). Those are some of the easy tasks given to a staff accountant. Some of the more difficult responsibilities may include filing tax returns for their customers at an accounting firm or helping a business keep all of the needed info for tax season in order for an easier tax preparation. The staff accountant may also meet with its clients to discuss their assets including land, equipment and any buildings as well as any expenses to make sure the statements are balanced and correct. “Apart from the preparation of financial statements and tax returns, representation of clients in matters relating to such client firms’ financial affairs is performed by accounting firms” (Staff Accountant Requirements, 2013). An accountant also has to be able to pay very close attention to details, know how to use a computer and the software that the accounting firm uses to do taxes and create any other financial statements. Accountants have to be good listeners as well as be able to work well with others, including fellow coworkers and your clients. The average salary of an accountant is $40,000-$80,000. Education and Experience

When thinking about becoming a staff accountant you have to think about what kind of education and extra experience is going to be needed to be able to join an accounting firm. Most accounting firms would require you to have a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. “Of the 120 semester credits needed for the degree, approximately 30-36 of these credits will be in accounting courses such as financial accounting, cost accounting, income tax, consolidations, auditing, and accounting systems. Also required within the 120 credits are business courses such as organizational behavior, marketing, business statistics, computer systems, business law, economics, and administrative policy” (Averkamp, n.d.). Another important factor in becoming an accountant is becoming certified. In order to be a Certified Public accountant (CPA) there are a couple of requirements. They must have 150 hours...

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