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STAAD.Pro is a general purpose program for performing the analysis and design of a wide variety of types of structures. The basic three activities which are to be carried out to achieve that goal - a) model generation b) the calculations to obtain the analytical results c) result verification - are all facilitated by tools contained in the program's graphical environment. This assignment contains demostration which guide you through the steps required to create, analyze, process, and generate reports .

we have chosen a reinforced concrete frame. We generate the model, perform the analysis, and design the concrete beams and columns. It contains extensive details on the various facilities available for visualization and verification of results.

About STAAD.Pro
STAAD.Pro is a general purpose structural analysis and design program with applications primarily in the building industry - commercial buildings, bridges and highway structures, industrial structures, chemical plant structures, dams, retaining walls, turbine foundations, culverts and other embedded structures, etc. The program hence consists of the following facilities to enable this task. 1. Graphical model generation utilities as well as text editor based commands for creating the mathematical model. Beam and column members are represented using lines. Walls, slabs and panel type entities are represented using triangular and quadrilateral finite elements. Solid blocks are represented using brick elements. These utilities allow you to create the geometry, assign properties, orient cross sections as desired, assign materials like steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, specify supports, apply loads explicitly as well as have the program generate loads, design parameters etc.

2. Analysis engines for performing linear elastic and pdelta analysis, finite element analysis, frequency extraction, and dynamic response (spectrum, time history, steady state, etc.)

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3. Design engines for code checking and optimization of steel, aluminum and timber members. Reinforcement calculations for concrete beams, columns, slabs and shear walls. Design of shear and moment connections for steel members.

4. Result viewing, result verification and report generation tools for

examining displacement diagrams, bending moment and shear force diagrams, beam, plate and solid stress contours,etc.
5. Peripheral tools for activities like import and export of data from and to other widely accepted formats, links with other popular softwares for niche areas like reinforced and prestressed concrete slab design, footing design, steel connection design, etc.

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1. Reinforced Concrete Frame
This assignment provides step-by-step instructions for creating the model of a reinforced concrete framed structure using STAAD.Pro.

1.1 Methods of creating the model
There are two methods of creating the structure data:
 Using the graphical model generation mode, or Graphical User Interface (GUI)
 Using the command file.

Basic data for structure


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Member properties

Beams 2 & 5 : Rectangular, 275 mm width X 350 mm
depth Columns 1 & 4 : Rectangular, 275 mm width X 300
mm depth Column 3 : Circular, 350 mm diameter

Member Orientation

All members except column 4 : Default Column 4 :
Rotated by 90 degrees with respect to default condition

Material Constants

Modulus of Elasticity : 22 KN/ Density : 25
kn/cu.m Poisson's Ratio : 0.17


Base of all columns : Fixed


Load case 1 : Dead Load Selfweight of the structure.
Beams 2 & 5 : 400 kg/m in global Y downward
Load case 2 : Live Load Beams 2 & 5 : 600 kg/m in global
Y downward Load case 3 : Wind Load Beam 1: 300 kg/m
along positive global X Beam 4 : 500 kg/m along positive...

References: 
 Getting Started and Tutorials DAA039030-1/0002
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