St Vincent de Paul Script

Topics: Culture, Christianity, St Vincent de Paul Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Ross Boyle and Erica Clare

St. Vincent de Paul
Interviewer: Hello everyone! We welcome all of you watching todays program. I am your host Grace, and I have a very special guest with me today, St. Vincent de Paul. St. Vincent: Pax!
Interviewer: Let me just give a brief introduction about St. Vincent de Paul to our audience before we begin the interview. St. Vincent was born in 1581 in Puoy, the Kingdom of France, to a family of farm working peasants. He lived during the era when France was emerging from great civil and religious wars. France was a mess during the time of St. Vincent de Paul, but he is credited for saving whole parts of France from starvation. He graduated from the University of Toulouse, where he studied Theology. He was then ordained at the age of 19 in 1600. Throughout his time as a priest, he cared for victims and refugees of the wars France faced, and enlisted the help of wealthy French nobility to care for the poor. So St. Vincent, what made you care for the poor so much? St. Vincent: Thank you for that kind introduction Grace. Anyways, when I was a child, I saw a baby being thrown away by its parents. I was only a few years older then this infant. From then on, I knew it was my job to care for those who are poor and abandoned for I couldn’t imagine if that was me. Interviewer: Did your parents support your career path of becoming a priest? Or were they hesitant at all because of what was happening around France at the time? St. Vincent: My parents were very supportive of my decision. When I knew that I wanted to spread the word of God by preaching the Gospel, my parents sold many of their sheep in order to pay for my schooling. My parents were mainly interested in obtaining some of this wealth that they thought I might gain with my career path. However, I was not like most other priests. I knew I had to pick this path in life because God spoke to me and wanted me to help others. I was not interesting in becoming wealthy myself, but I...
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