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St Thomas More

Christianity has developed significantly throughout the Common Era. After Constantine legalised Christianity in 325 CE, support grew and soon Christianity became a worldwide religion. There have been numerous Saints and Reformers that have played key roles in shaping the Church into what we know today. Saint Thomas More had a large impact on the Church, both during their lifetime and still in present day.

Born in Milk Street in London, on 7 February 1478. The Catholic Church finally worshiped st Thomas more in 1935. More was King Henry VIII of England’s main therapist, the king discussed everything with St Thomas More and he made every choice with him, He was an English lawyer, social philosopher, author, he was noted the Renaissance humanist.

In 1505, he married his cherished Jane Colt who gave birth to four children, and when she died at an early age, he married a widow, Alice Middleton, to be the mother of his little children. Intelligence and a reformer, this educated man well-known by Bishops and professors among his friends, and by 1516 wrote his popular book "Utopia".

St. Thomas More was killed for not obeying King Henry VIII’s choice to divorce his wife and, whist that was happening King Henry VIII announced that he would be the head of the Church in England. Thomas More was against this double divorce, and paid very deeply for it; as for he was killed on July 6, 1535. Thomas More was well known for his book Utopia and for his unfortunate death in 1535, after rejecting to admit King Henry VIII as the head of the Church of England, his last words were “I die the king's faithful servant, but God's first.”

Thing that st Thomas more did to impact the church now are Advent Tea, Advent, the women of St. Thomas More assemble for an afternoon of entertainment and reflection of their lives. Each year St. Thomas More holds a week of Bible Camp for Kids. The camp deals with roughly 200 children, it is a time of understanding of...

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