St. Thomas Aquinas

Topics: Cosmological argument, Aristotle, Metaphysics Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Summary of St. Thomas Aquinas’ 5 Ways of Proving God’s Existence

In the thirteenth century, St. Thomas Aquinas formulated the famous ‘Five Ways’ of proving God’s existence. These five ways were not regarded as proofs in a scientific way but rather it is a step, in the sense of believing God. The ‘Five Ways’ are: First, The Argument of Unmoved Mover. It states that whatever is in motion is moved by another thing; that thing is also moved by something. So, in order to prevent continuity, you must assume that God is the first mover. Second is the Argument of First Cause. This argument is also called as “nothing is caused by itself” argument. Think of something, for example, a book. The book was written by Alexis Franco, in which she was influenced by her idol Paulo Coelho which…so on. As mentioned, to avoid continuity or infinity, there must be the ‘First Cause’ and that is God. Third is the Argument of Contingency. All physical things come into existence but at some point it ceases to exist. If it didn’t exist at that point of time how can there be anything at all today? Therefore, one must have been everlasting, and that is God. Fourth, The Argument of Degree. All things in the world have various degrees of qualities such as goodness, but more or less goodness can only be associated through comparison to the maximum goodness, which is God. Lastly, the fifth is the Argument of Design and Purpose (Teleological). It says that things in the world have objectives or goals. Therefore, there must be a brilliant designer who guides us towards that goals or aim, and this is God. St. Thomas Aquinas’ belief in proving God’s existence has got me focused on his main idea, which states that God is the source or beginning of all things in the world. He also sees God as the force or prominence that pushes us to our goals and the absolute eternal goodness that surrounds the existence of humans.
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