St. Lucia Fact Sheet

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St.Kyle Lind

St. Lucia

1. It is an MDC because It is a small island developing state with all the inherent challenges such as a narrow economic base and a high vulnerability to external shocks and natural disasters. Agriculture in St. Lucia is in a transitional state after tropical storm Debbie hit the island in 1994. The country's economy is traditionally based on agriculture (bananas and other crops), but has a growing services sector centred on tourism and a manufacturing. There are also considerable social gaps and deficiencies, one of the most important being a high level of poverty linked to a high unemployment rate. 2. 3. Current Population-174,000 as of 2010

3. Projected population in 2050- 202,000
4. Current Fertility Rate: 1.98 births per woman
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7. Over consumption of resources is St. Lucia’s biggest population issue because it is a small island that’s economy is based on tourism, banking, and growing bananas. They are very susceptible to natural disasters. 8. How does each of the following environmental resistance factors affect the people of your assigned country? Lack of food-They mostly produce bananas meaning that they have to import the majority of their food and since they are a small island that is very susceptible to natural disasters they must always be cautious of their food supplies. Lack of water- A rapidly increasing population and growing tourism sector have resulted in significant increases in water consumption. Agriculture in St. Lucia is in a transitional state after tropical storm Debbie hit the island in 1994. Disease- It is a tropical island so there is much risk for diseases from mosquitos but pandemics and outbreaks aren’t very common 9.
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