St. Louis IX

Topics: Louis IX of France, House of Capet, Louis VIII of France Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 31, 2013

People rarely think of saintly actions when monarchy is mentioned. After all, most of the famous kings are famous for their lack of virtue rather than their piety. In this regard, King St. Louis IX of France is an exception. This king lived a pious life and has over 65 miracles attributed to his prayerful intercession after his death. Being the only French monarch to receive the title of saint, the rift between Louis and an average king is quite a large one. King St. Louis IX became King of France when he was only 12 due to his father’s early death. Although named regent in 1226, he was too young to effectively rule a nation. His mother ruled in his stead until he was capable of ruling on his own. During this time, he was brought up in the manner in which a Christian noble would have been raised. This was undoubtedly assisted by his pious mother, Blanche of Castile, who is famous for saying that she would have rather seen her son dead at her feet than guilty of a mortal sin. This almost came to pass as Louis found himself terribly ill while still in his twenties. He promised God that if he lived he would go on crusade. He did so shortly after recovering. Leaving his mother in charge of his kingdom, King St. Louis IX set out for the Holy land. He seized the fortress of Damietta from Saracens early in his journey but this victory would be short lived. His army was ravaged by disease, and he was captured soon after. After being held captive by Saracens for several months, the terms of his release were finally given to him. Part of these terms included denying Christ, and thus, Louis refused those terms. He was fortunate that the Sultan who had captured him perished while Louis was imprisoned. Had this not been the case, Louis would have been executed rather than ransomed and sent back to France. It was not the last crusade our king would embark on. Whether or not crusading is in itself a contribution to the Church, King St. Louis IX is held as the model of what a...

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