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Topics: Mount St. Helens, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, Lava dome Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: February 8, 2009
In order for a printed article to be useful it must meet certain criteria for reliable source and based on factual information. If a newspaper declares that we are in a state of some type of emergency, it must be based on expert’s facts and non-bias. During any type of disaster situation-having knowledge in order to proceed is one of the best and most practical uses of the printed world. While the use of the Internet and television has become increasingly beneficial, it becomes useless in an emergency if power is lost. If the information is deemed reliable then the press can be a powerful source of useful information, and can save lives.

The eruption of Mount St Helens is regarded as one of the top 10 worst disasters of the last 101 years. The disaster claimed fifty-seven fatalities, $1 billion of damage, and the destruction of over 230 sq. miles. While the eruption was a major disaster, it has helped Americans realize the destructive power of volcanoes and provided us with the necessary resources to monitor active volcanoes for future preventative measures.

In the article named “Inspecting the Volcano; Landing on Pyroclastic Flow, Expert sees History.” Published in the Boston Globe Newspaper May 21, 1980, Writer (Levey, Robert) discusses the status of the Mount St Helens a few days after the eruption. Dan Miller, a geologist with the US Geological Survey, attempts to access the status of the mountain, Spirit Lake, and the surrounding cities. While on his mission he discovers areas of concern and some historical observations, he is unable to provide any useful flood information at that time. Overall Miller assessed several different areas of terrain change and hot spots reaching 297 degrees Fahrenheit. Levey, informs the readers about the overall terrain issues and the amount of destruction to convey his analysis of the impact of an eruption and the aftermath of dealing with a volcanic disaster.

In the article “Mount St. Helens Eruption:...

Cited: Robert Levey Globe Staff (1980, May 21). INSPECTING THE VOLCANO; ; LANDING ON PYROCLASTIC FLOW, EXPERT SEES HISTORY. Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext),p. 1.  Retrieved January 28, 2009, from ProQuest Newsstand database. (Document ID: 685645871).
John Galvin (2007, July 31) THE 10 WORST DISASTORS OF THE LAST 101 YEARS. Popular Mechanics Science worst-case scenarios (Document ID: 4219883)
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