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Saint Francis of Assisi was born in the year 1181 in Assisi, Umbria, Italy. His birth name was Giovanni Bernardone. His parents were Pietro and Pica. Saint Francis’s father was in France when he was born. When he returned to Assisi and met his son he called him Francesco. From then on, he was called Francesco, not Giovanni. His father was a successful cloth merchant. This business allowed Saint Francis to have a privileged life. He wore the finest clothes and became well educated. He was one of seven children in his family.

Saint Francis is known for caring for the poor. This started early in his life. Once he was selling clothes for his father and came across a poor man. This man did not have any money and barely had any clothes. Saint Francis gave this man all the money in his pocket. When he arrived home his father was furious. He did not understand Saint Francis’s need to help the poor.

Saint Francis was not interested in his father’s business. He joined the military in 1201. Saint Francis was captured and became a prisoner of war for a year. It was during this time that he became more interested in the Christian faith. He spent much of his time praying and thinking of God. By the time he was released and became free again, Saint Francis had decided to devote his life to Christ.

Shortly after his release from the prison, Saint Francis had a vision and heard a voice telling him to restore the Church of God. Saint Francis took this seriously. He thought of the local church, St. Damian. This church was in ruin. Saint Francis sold his horse and his clothes and gave all the money to the church of Saint Damian. This incident encouraged Saint Francis to begin a new life of poverty. Saint Francis told his family his plan. His father was not pleased with this decision and tried very hard to change his mind. He did not think his son would be happy living a poor life with Christ. He did not understand Saint Francis’s interest in the church. His father’s...

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A. 1181, Assisi, Umbria, Italy
B. Canonized July 16, 1228 by Pope Gregory IX
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