st francis de sales

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St. Francis of Sales

Francis de Sale was born in the district of Savoy in France in 1567. It has been said that Francis received the best education in Paris, and Pauda. However since he theology wasn’t taught at those schools he learned theology secretly.- When Francis was young his father told him that he wanted him to be a soldier after he went to study in Paris. Francis didn’t like the thought of that because after studying in Padua and getting his doctorate in law he knew that he wanted to enter Priest hood. Francis didn’t even join priest hood when the Bishop told him too. Why did he wait so long you may ask? It’s because he was waiting for God’s will to be clear. The way is pretty ironic how Francis new he was in the clear, everytime he would ride on his horse, he would fall off and the horse his sword would come out and make a shape of the cross. At first he was appointed provost of his diocese, and then second in rank to the bishop. One reason why St. Francis waited was because that in order to be anointed his Gold hair that he loved had to be cut off. After Francis’s mission after living in Switzerland during the protestant reformation in Calvinist territory, he wanted to convert 60,000 calvinists back too Catholicism. After not being supported with this he was awfully hated by others. After three years his cousin left him with wanting to help with this. Since parents wouldn’t talk to Francis he would play with the kids and be really king to them, he then was able to talk to the parents and he converted or 40,000 people back to Catholicism. The 1600’s was the most important time for Francis, in 1602 he was made Bishop of the diocese of Geneva in Calvinist territory. And then in 1604 he took the steps toward holiness and mystic union with God.
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