Sst 1 Task2

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1 The modern nation state is characterized by a number of different criteria. Firstly, it is a state or country with clearly defined borders, within which, one can find people of similar cultural or racial persuasion; the majority of which share the same cultural identity or beliefs. The modern nation state is also self-defined and sovereign with its own government, one that maintains its own armed forces. The government is usually effected by an established bureaucracy and power is held centrally.

* According to the Global Policy Forum (2013), a nation is probably best defined as a cultural group of people with shared traditions, shared history, religion and most of the times a common language. While one can find some cultural distinctions, there is usually a national identity that is shared by all members creating a homogeneous identity among the citizens. A nation usually doesn’t have a defined territory. The Irish people of the UK are a good example of a nation.

* As an entity, a state represents a group that is self-directed and has defined borders. The institution of the state holds sovereignty and represents what is essentially the final authority within the states’ set borders (Global Policy Forum, 2013). A good example of this is Belarus in Eastern Europe. Located in there, Belarus shares its borders with Russia, Latvia, Poland the Ukraine and Lithuania. Ethnic Belarusians make up 80% of the population. The other 20% is made up of Tartars, Roma, Letts, Lithuanians, Jews, Ukrainians, Poles and Russians. 

* According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO), a nation state can be recognized by the fact that it has a defined territory with people or population that shares a national identity and a unique set of customs. It is also self-ruled with some form of recognizable organized government. Japan is a good example of a nation state as it satisfies all of these various requirements.

2-The United States of America has clearly defined borders, maintains an army and its people are of a similar identity. Ultimate and final power is exercised and held centrally. There is an established bureaucracy that is used to govern and direct the actions of both government and by extension its people.

* America has borders that it has established and polices with its Border Patrol. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), polices and oversees the legal entry and exit of visitors to America and enforces the rules and criteria by which foreigners are permitted to work, live and even gain American citizenship. * America guards its borders with the use of its Navy, Army, Customs and Border Patrol and Air force. Airspace and territorial waters are established and policed so that other countries aren’t allowed to encroach on what is considered to be America's territory. * Sovereignty refers to the right of a country to govern its inhabitants or people as is deemed fit by its own laws. Other countries or people are not allowed to dictate what takes place within the United States (Black’s Law Dictionary). * Americans are not really defined by a religious or ethnic identity but rather by their common ideal, values, and their strong belief in freedom of the individual. One of the ways that America works toward establishing its common culture is its promotion of individualism. Individual accomplishments and achievements are celebrated and promoted in a way that, generally speaking, isn't done in other countries of the world. The culture of individualism works well with the declaration that ‘all men are created equal’. Through accomplishments, individuals can expect to gain material and social wealth for themselves and their families. Any American can experience the “American dream” and change their financial and social status, whether through sports, entertainment or academic achievement.

2-B2B Foreign Policy refers to how a...

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