Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Travel, Tropical rainforest Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Around the world in 80 treasures
The 7th treasure. Brazil. Umahara Headdress

Task 1.Learn the new vocabulary:

Igbatsa tribe
The Variva River

rain forests
grazing land
to feed the world with beef burgers
remains of rain forests
tributary of the Amazon
to cling to traditional way of life
to threaten
cattle rancher
Catholic missionaries
to forcibly remove
immense importance
human hair
parrot feathers
war ceremony
dance rituals
all things new
not to stop future
to preserve

Task 2. Read all the questions to the extract and make sure you understand all of them. If not, you are welcome to ask questions. Try and answer the questions before watching in order to compare the answers to the correct ones after the discussion.

1. Where is the traveler going?
2. How deep in Amazonia is he traveling?
3. Why have the trees been cut?
4. How long does it take the traveler to get to the threshold of the forest? 5. What is the main occupation in the tribe?
6. What or who puts their world to danger?
7. What happened to the children up to the 1960s?
8. Does the traveler like the reception?
9. What does the traveler want to have a look at in the village? 10. What does the headdress represent in the tribe?
11. What stuff is the headdress made of?
12. What occasions do the people of the tribe wear the headdresses on? 13. When does the ceremony begin?
14. How long does it last?
15. What does the ceremony represent?
16. Who chooses the partner: men or women?
17. What must the people do not to stop future?
18. What signs of modern world can you see in the tribe now? 19. In the evening all the tribe gathers round the fire. Which tribe does the traveler compare this one to?

Task 3. Watch the extract to get the main idea. Answer the questions you can in your exercise-books.

Task 4. Watch the extract again and try to answer all...
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