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Lucy says to Lewis “working with these people has changed you”. Has Lewis really changed at the end of the play?

Lewis at the start of cosi is very content with himself and has very low self-esteem and confidence in himself. Working throughout the play with the patients there are some subtle changes that he undertakes but not to the extent that Lucy makes it out to be.

When the play is at its end and you look back to the start you can clearly see changes that have occurred in Lewis’ personality over the time of him working in the theatre. Within the play there are plenty of obstacles but with the help of Lewis’ patients and his growing changes in confidence all is overcome. The first change you notice with Lewis is his confidence, to start with he doesn’t know how to treat the patients or go about things. Roy one of the patients is the one to get the ball rolling with ideas on how to do the play and to getting the patients enthusiastic about it all. Lewis realises it’s not that hard to do and needs to be doing the instructing and directing of the play with influence and input from Roy and the patients not the other way round. This is where Lewis’ confidence really shows that it’s growing and he really starts to connect with the different patients and with the play cosi fan tutte.
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