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Topics: Marketing, Business, Customer Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Tips and Advice for using SimVenture
The following information is provided so that you can get the most from the business simulation. The ‘Tips’ are not designed as answers or quick ‘cheats’. However, you are much more likely to find success in SimVenture if you follow the advice below and think your way through the simulation as if you were running your own business. Tips and Advice

Take Time
Don’t rush SimVenture. There is lots of ‘Help’ information within the game and website. Use this to your advantage. The ‘How do I’ section within SimVenture (See Help or Business Advisor) is designed to answer specific questions and resolve common problems that every business owner experiences. Practice with a Scenario

If you play the ‘Driving Lesson Scenario’ and see how the business is setup (See Research, Marketing, Sales, Product Design, Pricing) you will have a much better idea as to how to ‘shape’ a business that attracts customer demand. Don’t Guess

If you are making decisions in SimVenture based purely on rushed guesswork you will not create any sustainable demand from customers and ultimately your business is far more likely to fail. Create Demand

To create demand for products in SimVenture you must undertake a number of steps just like in the real world. Market and Competition research first needs to be undertaken so that you can then analyse how to design and price a product that is better than the competition and also appeals to your chosen market sector. If you promote and sell a product that customers want at a price that is better than your nearest competitor you are far more likely to create sustainable demand. Patience, Thought and Adapting works

Don’t expect immediate results even if you feel you have done all your research, marketing, sales, product design and pricing correctly. Orders in business take time to filter through. A good way to check your business is to regularly undertake...
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