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Software Requirements Specification
Railway Reservation System
Version 1.0 approved
Prepared by:
Syed Husnain Bukhari 061-bscs-08
Hassan Arif 115-bscs-08
Ahsan Bilal 105-bscs-08
Pakistan Railway

November4, 2009

Table of Contents
Table of Contentsii
Revision Historyii
1.2Document Conventions1
1.3Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions1
1.4Product Scope1
2.Overall Description2
2.1Product Perspective2
2.2Product Functions2
2.3User Classes and Characteristics2
2.4Operating Environment2
2.5Design and Implementation Constraints3
2.6User Documentation3
2.7Assumptions and Dependencies3
3.External Interface Requirements4
3.1User Interfaces4
3.2Hardware Interfaces4
3.3Software Interfaces5
3.4Communications Interfaces5
4.System Features5
4.1System Feature 15
4.2System Feature 2 (and so on)6
5.Other Nonfunctional Requirements6
5.1Performance Requirements6
5.2Safety Requirements6
5.3Security Requirements6
5.4Software Quality Attributes7
5.5Business Rules7
6.Other Requirements18
Appendix A: Glossary18
Appendix B: Analysis Models18
Appendix C: To Be Determined List18

Revision History
NameDateReason For ChangesVersion

This document provides a description of the interfaces, key concept, and overall purpose of the software project “Railway Reservation System”. This document intends to comprehend and clarify the requirements, also serving as the basis of further design. 1.2Document Conventions

This document follows the standards of IEEE.
1.3Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

1.4Product Scope
This project automates the task of the reservation system for a railway station.


2.Overall Description
2.1Product Perspective
< _ State whether the product is independent and totally
self contained
_ If the product is component of a larger system then:
– describe the functions of each component of the
larger system and identify interfaces
– overview of the principal external interfaces of this
– overview of HW and peripheral equipment to be
_ Give a block diagram showing the major components
of the product, interconnections, and external
interfaces.. >
2.2Product Functions
Not Applicable at this time.
2.3User Classes and Characteristics
Following are some users of this system.
4.System user
A person who will come to a booth to purchase a ticket and to inquire something. He can book, cancel and transfer his/her seat according to his/her requirement. Employee:
An employee is a person who is in service and who directly interacts with the system. He can store info of the passengers, can issue tickets, cancel and transfer the seat of a passenger according to his/her need, so we can say that user can insert into the system also.

It is a person responsible for all admin tasks but in this project he can view the reports of the whole day in which the following information is provided to it. •Total income a particular journey has made.

Total numbers of seats are reserved in a particular journey. •Number of trains arrival and depart per day.
System Actor:
It is responsible to maintain the scheduling of trains which are updated by the scheduling department. It also handles the online booking system and issuing of the tickets. 2.4Operating Environment

The system automates the booking, canceling and transferring of seats. 2.5Design and Implementation Constraints
Not Applicable at this time.
2.6User Documentation
This process is as below:
1.The booths are set up on the Railway stations.
2.The passengers come to those booths if they want to get some information about the schedule or if they ought to buy...
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