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Why did Islam Spread So Quickly?

The student will write a five paragraph essay that answers the question “Why did Islam spread so quickly?” Students will use the Background Reading and all six documents as sources of evidence to why Islam spread so rapidly. Students will analyze each of the six documents, answer related questions, cite each source, provide the main idea for each document, make general observations about each document, and come up with an analytical category to possibly place each document in.

Answer the questions that follow for each of the below documents. After answering a document’s questions, be sure to include a citation, main idea, generalizations, and a descriptive analytical category that the document might fall under.

Background Reading: Be sure to highlight any important information. Do this by highlighting the main idea for each paragraph in the background reading.

Document A:

1. Cite the source: Where does this document come from?
2. What year does this map illustrate?
3. Does this year come before or after the birth of Islam?
4. What is the map illustrating?
5. What was an important economic activity that was occurring during this time period? 6. How wide-spread was this economic activity?
7. How did people throughout this region benefit from this economic activity? 8. What was the purpose of this economic activity?
9. Main Idea: What is the main idea of this document?
10. Taking into account that you are to use this document to help answer the question “Why did Islam spread so quickly”, how could you use this document to illustrate how Islam did spread so quickly? 11. Analytical Category: What category might you be able to place this document in? For example, do you think this article would be well suited to be in a category about geography, economics, or religion? You can place a document under multiple categories.

Document B:

1. Cite the source: Where does this document come from?...
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