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The Student Council Constitution
Section 27 of the Education Act
Establishing a Student Council
Size and composition of the Student Council
Nominations and elections
The work of the Student Council
Student Council Activities
Officers of the Student Council
The Student Council notice-board
Running a meeting
The agenda
The minutes
Voting arrangements
Dissolution/removing a member
Evaluating the Student Council

What is a Student Council?
A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Usually the student council works with a teacher, who is the link person between students and staff and management in the school. Many schools already have excellent student councils.

Role of the Student Council Liaison Teacher
· To promote the interests of the student council
· To assist and advise the student councils
· To be the link between students and teachers and management.

Responsibilities of the Student Council Liaison Teacher
Attending student council meetings and providing guidance, advice and information if requested.

· Providing training and team development activities for the student council.

· Assisting the student council in liaising with management.

· Liaising between the student council and staff by putting student council issues on the agenda at staff meetings.

· Encouraging staff to invite members of the student council to attend staff meetings and encouraging the student council to invite staff members to their meetings.

· Helping to raise the profile of the student council.

· Helping to ensure the student council becomes part of the structure of the school and that it is involved in all aspects of school life.

· Ensuring that student council issues are on the agenda at board of management meetings.

· Monitoring and evaluating the development of the student council with student members.

(Taken from: Second Level Student Councils Resource Pack: National Children’s Office, p. 41)

The rules for setting up and running a Student Council

According to the Education Act 1998, the Board of Management of the school is responsible, for drawing up rules for the establishment of a Student Council. These rules must comply with the Department of Education and Science guidelines – Student Councils: A Voice for Students. The Board must give students a copy of the rules if students say they want to set up a Student Council.

The Student Council Constitution

The Student Council may make rules governing its meetings and the business and conduct of its affairs, but it shall consult with the Board of Management before doing so. Such rules may include the drawing up of a Constitution. Where a Student Council does not already have a constitution in place, it should be encouraged to draw one up. When the Student Council have drawn up their Constitution, it should be presented to the Board for formal ratification. You may find the following downloads useful when you are drafting the constitution.

DOWNLOAD: Sample Constitutions and Student Council Contracts

Section 27 of the Education Act, 1998
(1) A board shall establish and maintain procedures for the purposes of informing students in a school of the activities of the school.

(2) The procedures established and maintained under subsection (1) shall facilitate the involvement of the students in the operation of the school, having regard to the age and experience of the students, in association with their parents and teachers.

(3) Students of a post-primary school may establish a student council and, without...
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