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SQ3R or SQRRR is a reading comprehension method named for its five steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review. The method was introduced by Francis Pleasant Robinson in his 1946 book Effective Study.[1][2][3] The method was created for college students. However, it can also be used by elementary school students, who can practice all of the steps once they have begun to read longer and more complex texts (around fourth grade).[4] Similar methods developed subsequently include PQRST and KWL table. SQ3R was based on principles documented in the 1930s.[4]

Process [edit]
The first step Survey or skim advises that one should resist the temptation to read the book and instead glance through a chapter in order to identify headings, sub-headings and other outstanding features in the text. This is in order to identify ideas and formulate questions about the content of the chapter. 2.Question

Formulate questions about the content of the reading. For example, convert headings and sub-headings into questions, and then look for answers in the content of the text. Other more general questions may also be formulated: •What is this chapter about?

What question is this chapter trying to answer?
How does this information help me?
3.Read (R1)
Use the background work done with "S" and "Q" in order to begin reading actively. 4.Recite (R2)
The second "R" refers to the part known as Recite/wRite or Recall. Using key phrases, one is meant to identify major points and answers to questions from the "Q" step for each section. This may be done either in an oral or written format. It is important that an adherent to this method use her own words in order to evoke the active listening quality of this study method. 5.Review (R3)

The final "R" is Review. In fact, before becoming acquainted with this method a student probably just uses the R & R method; Read and Review. Provided the student has followed all...
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