Spss Softdrink Questionnaire

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SPSS Softdrink Questionnaire
Marketing Research


SPSS is recognized as one of the leading software packages for statistical analysis. For about the last 10 years, it has been packaged with marketing research texts as an ancillary resource. However, there has not been an organized attempt to integrate SPSS with the marketing research course. The objective of these SPSS Exercises is to do just that – integrate the use of SPSS into the Marketing Research course, resulting a significant data management component.

The need for a significant data management component came from several sources. First, the University of Central Arkansas College of Business has a Business Advisory Council, which advises the college with regard to curriculum, recommended that graduates needed stronger data management skills. Second, as Faculty Advisor for the UCA Marketing Club, and a member of the Central Arkansas Professional Chapter of the American Marketing Association, I am hearing from the marketing professionals is that marketing majors need better data management skills. Given the preceding, I decided to develop computer-based exercises using SPSS, with the objective of increasing student proficiency in data analysis and data management.

The SPSS Exercises which correlate with the Softdrink Questionnaire are included in the data analysis chapters in McDaniel & Gates, Marketing Research, 6e. The SPSS Software is very user-friendly, and the mechanics of its use can be integrated into daily class sessions. Lastly, SPSS provides a number of learning resources. Their web site address is www.spss.com.

Soft Drink & Beverage Consumption Questionnaire

1.Do you drink soft drinks? _____ YES (1) _____ NO (0) If NO, go to number 11.

2.What percent of your soft drink consumption is:
a.Drinks with sugar_____%
b.Drinks without sugar (diet)_____%

3.What percent of your soft drink consumption is:
a.Drinks with caffeine_____%
b. Drinks without caffeine_____%

4.What percent of your soft drink consumption is:
a.Your favorite soft drink_____%
b. Your 2nd favorite soft drink_____%
c.Other brands of soft drink_____%

5.On the average how many soft drinks do you consume weekly? (Use the equivalent of 12 oz. Cans.)_____ 12 oz. Cans

6.What is your favorite soft drink? ________________________________

7.Indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statements using the scale below:

strongly strongly
disagree disagree indifferent agree agree |_________|_________|_________|_________|_________|
1 2 3 4 5

___a.Soft drinks really give me a lift during the day.
___b.I am hooked on soft drinks.
___c.Diet soft drinks give me a headache.
___d.When I was last on a diet, one of the lifestyle changes I made was not
to drink soft drinks with sugar.
___e.Advertising has nothing to do with my choice of soft drink. ___f.I prefer iced tea to soft drinks.
___g.Soft drink TV commercials have gotten funnier over the past five years. ___h.I think the beer TV commercials are better than the soft drink TV commercials. ___i.Soft drinks are bad for a person’s health.

___j.On an average day, I consume more ounces of soft drinks than water. ___k.In general, soft drinks taste better than beer.

8.Indicate which of the following beverages you would prefer to consume for each of the following occasions: 1=soft drink2=water3=beer 4=gatoraide or equivalent
5=iced tea6=mixed drink7=coffee8=other
9=not applicable

_____ a.You just mowed the grass.
_____ b.After working out with weights.
_____ c.After jogging or running.
_____ d.Eating at a formal restaurant.
_____ e.Eating fried catfish, shrimp or other seafood.
_____ f.Eating...
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