Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter,...and Spring

Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Noble Eightfold Path Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, . . .and Spring

After weeks of studying and learning about the Buddhist religion, it is easy to see the Buddhist ideals in the movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, . . . and Spring. One of the main points that was stressed in the movie was some of the Buddhist precepts. One of the Buddhist precepts specifically says “To Refrain From Causing Harm To Other Living Beings” (Pauling 21). Another point that the movie focused on with the Buddhist precept involved “To Refrain From Sexual Misconduct“ (Pauling 25). This is the main ’drama’ of the movie and is what most of the movie revolves around. Finally the last point that I want to stress was the Eightfold path and how it explains in what ways the ‘perfect‘ Buddhist should be. It is shown throughout the entire movie and unfolds along with the movie. Going through I want to explore each of these concepts and dive deeper into their meanings and grasp a better understanding while connecting every point with the movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, . . . and Spring.

In the Spring portion of the movie it shows the student as a young child. He is given the freedom to roam around as he pleases around his house and in the forest surrounding his home. One day he goes out to play in the forest not knowing that he is being watched by his teacher. In good humor the small boy ties a string attached with a rock around a fish, and then a frog, and finally a snake, making it highly difficult for any of them to move around. The master observes this behavior, however does not make his presence known. Some time later, the master ties a large stone to the back of the child while he is sleeping one night in order to teach him the harm of what he had done to the animals. Pauling says of the Buddhist precept that we have to “behave with friendliness, understanding, and loving-kindness towards ourselves, other people, animals, and even plants and the planet we live on” (21). In order to...
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