Spring Festivities

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Spring Festivities
“If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?” -William Shakespeare, A Merchant in Venice (Act III, scene I)
After the long barren months, Easter and Holi crack the lifeless grip of winter; although one is Roman Catholic (Easter) and the other Hindu (Holi) both holidays demonstrate the same delight in different manners. Easter is a Roman Catholic holiday commemorating the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead, proving that he is God’s son and, if followed, will lead his disciples to heaven. Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating the saving of Prahald, the devout prince who believed when all others chased false idols, Krishna spared him and struck down his devilish father and sister. Both of these time honored traditions glorify the triumph of light over dark and have the vigor of spring; however, the celebration of Holi is a time when codes of conduct vanish and in Easter one only celebrates with family and close friends.
Although Hinduism and Roman Catholicism have differences that could span the depths of trenches, Easter and Holi have basic human similarities. For instance, both holidays remember and praise good defeating evil. In Roman Catholicism the rising of Christ proclaims that the devil will no longer be able to steal souls, and in Hinduism Hiranyakshyap, a bigot king and false idol, is burned with his daughter Holita by Krishna, the god of love and divinity. Along with the celebration of good over evil both Easter and Holi share the vigor of spring. This vibrancy that gives new life to the earth and sparks hope that fuels people is one of the basic elations in booth Eater and Holi.
In contrast, during Holi many of the codes of conduct are disregarded and society comes together as a whole to rejoice. Throughout Easter families visit relatives and close friends, they go to church, and sometimes part take in an Easter egg hunt. Afterwards they pray over their meals and

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