Spring Choir

Topics: Human voice, Vocal range, English-language films Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 19, 2005
Spring Choir Concert

The spring choir concert that I went to was like the percussion concert just with singing. I enjoyed listening to the singers as they sung the different melodies. As I was sitting there listening to the different singers sing I could not help but to think about how strong there voices are and how strong they must be to get over the big space of the performance center. Voice is just lost in such a big space like the one in the Price performance center, they have to work on their voices and make sure that they can sing loud, clear and strong to get it across to the audience. Also, while trying to do that they must make sure that the quality is not lost while trying to increase the loudness of their voice. I could also tell the different voices such as the tenors the sopranos and the altos. I could not help but to realize how these different voices interacted with each other and how without one set the sound would not be the same and would be lost. I don't understand how some people can sing as high as they do, such as the alto section. They must have some hard exercising for their voice to get as high as it does and to sound just as good.

I enjoyed watching the way the conductor conducted the choir and I noticed how much effort goes into conducting. At first I thought that he was just waving his hands in the air, but then I realized that there was a pattern to it and that not only keep it on beat but it also did other things as well. I like how when the choir was singing that different parts of it would stop and other parts would keep going and then it would switch and the parts that stopped would start again and the ones that were just singing would then stop. I think that this gave the performance dimension and kept your mind moving and gave u something to think about rather then just the entire choir singing for the entire time.

In all, I think the choir concert went very well I thought that the performers did a great job and...
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