Spree Killings

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, Mass murder, School shooting Pages: 8 (2587 words) Published: November 14, 2014

Spree killings
Eva vollera
FP6030/Research and Evaluation
Instructor : Dr. Carol Aslan, Ph.D.
June 25, 2012
Argosy University

Abstract Spree Killings is when three or more killings happens’ without any cooling off period, this often happens at two or more locations. Though cases like the Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado in April 1999, where two teenage boys carried out shootings killing 12 students and one teacher as well as injuring 20 more students and ultimately leading up to the two boys own suicides and the end of the killing spree, was done at one location, the school. Even though there had been shootings at other schools prior to the Columbine shooting it was the Columbine shooting that raised nationwide alarm. This prompted several researchers to research the magnitude of the problem.

Introduction School shootings’ are still statistically rare. Two characteristics that came up during studies of school shootings were peer rejection and social rejection. The studies from the literatures also reveals that the intentions of the assailants are often made very clear to their peers often stating time and place. It was shown that 50 percent of school shootings were made known to others, this is known as leakage. It was shown that the Columbine shooters repeatedly let known of their intentions and planned a year a head prior to the incident being carried out. For instance one of the boys English papers stated that the boy wanted to be a bullet himself and strike people, this was 2-3 weeks prior to the shooting. They had built small bombs that they were caught with. One month prior to the shooting one of the boys, Erik Harris, revealed in his psychology class that he had a recurring dream that he started shooting the students and the teachers. He also revealed in his diary that everyone made fun of him. Dylan Klebold , the other shooter wrote in his diary that he was lonely and without friends and was very troubled with his failures with girls (Bartol 2011). Results

First Article : The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective by Mary Ellen O’Tolle, Ph.D., reveals the results to a symposium on school shootings, after the FBI’s NCAVC (National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime) invited ,160 educators, administrators, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and mental health professionals. The NCAVC’s discovery came from the topics and questions discussed between the eighteen different schools analyst. The monograph model was shaped by the eighteen different schools NCAVC analysts as well as previous cases the NCAVC assisted in creating the threat assessment in response to threat against school shootings. Out of the eighteen schools five of them were middle schools and thirteen of the schools were High schools, out of these schools one were public schools except for one. The NCAVC analysts also gathered information from law enforcements and school officials that were involved with the cases and asked to provide interviews, tapes, photos, videos and summaries of the incidents in order to do a proper qualitative research that included situational sampling(observing the same behavior in different situations) and an ex post facto (after the fact) approach. Then a case review was done on each case after reviewing the available information about the shooters behavior after and before the shooting as well as how the victims were selected. The reasons why they are being carried out are different factors that varies from situation to situations and individual. It is a difficult task to assess a threat and keep it from being carried out. A monograph shows a systematic procedure for an intervention or a threat assessment, though a it is not a “profile” of a school shooter...

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