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International Business – Coaching – Spreadsheet and Databases
International Business offers a versatile selection of professions after graduation. As a result, I chose to focus on business leadership coaching, just like at the beginning of this semester. As an important note my parents own a coaching company, BoMentis, and my dream is to either take over it one day or at least work with them. Based on my research and personal experience, coaching has spread increasingly all throughout the world and is becoming more and more international. This is why my background in international business will benefit the future company I work with. Furthermore, after taking the course in spreadsheets and databases I believe I have an advantage over my peers. The ability to use Excel and Access are crucial. Even now I notice excelling in my classes as a result of my new speciality knowledge over my other peers. In the following I will explain how the learnt course material will fulfil the requirements in the work field.

For the past two decades technology has evolved tremendously. The change in technology is visibly seen in coaching, now that it is been implemented more and more to the practice. After scanning through various job descriptions for a coaching company starting in a assistant level, I often faced requirements such; proficient with Microsoft Excel as well as in some cases Access Database. It is especially important to have the skills in report generation, database management, and form production (CoachCentral, n.d.).

First it is important to distinguish the differences Access and Excel have with each other, because both are capable of doing similar tasks. Simply put, Access is a database application and excel is a spreadsheet application. Even though you can do databasing in both, Access is better for it. If you intend to do a lot of calculations, Excel is better, even though Access enables calculations.


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