Spreadsheet and Function

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Spreadsheet Exercises Using Excel
Learning Objective:
These exercises are designed to familiarize you with a spreadsheet application software called MS Excel. After the completion of the lab, you should be able to:
1. work with MS Excel or other spreadsheet programs
2. use functions and formulas in a spreadsheet application software for calculation 3. explain what functions and formulas are, how they work, and the difference between them Formulas
Well, a formula is a simple calculation that involves either *, /, +, -, or ( ). Of course your formula will ALWAYS start with an = sign. Here are some examples of a few formulas: * =(5+6)*9
* =(b1+b2)-b12
* =9+10+b6
* =((b10)*10)/(b2+4)
You'll see that beside the mathematical signs, you may have brackets, numbers, or cell addresses. Functions
A function on the other hand contains "functionality" in that there are parts of the "function" that are programmed into it. For example, let's take the average function. Say we want to take the average of cells B1 to B5.

We could make a formula that looks like one of these example:  

Both of these formulas do the same thing. They both add the cells b1 to b5 and then divide the result by 5. What if you wanted to take the average of 25 cells, 50 cells, 5000 cells. I don't know about you, but I would definitely be a little frustrated. No need to worry though, because the Spreadsheet program has a function that can solve your problems! Let's say we want to take the average of the cells b1 to b1000. We could go:

Or, we could use the average function and go:

By using this function, MS Works will generate the average for you. You don't even have to count up how many cells you have. VOILA! The AVG is the abbreviation for average. Take a look at this format:

This format can be used for a series of cells. You list the first cell, a colon, then the last cell, and the function will take the average of those cells and all the cells in between...
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