Spreadsheet and Corporate Branding

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At the completion of this assignment you will achieve the following module objectives: 1. Measure the profit impact of marketing strategies.
2. Determine the impact of customer retention rates through the Customer Life Time Value.

You will be responsible for analyzing the corresponding case and posting your individual work in your group discussion forum by the specified due date (see course calendar for details). Post your answers to the case questions # 2 to 3 directly in the forum, it will save you and your teammates some time, and attach the corresponding excel spreadsheet with the financial analysis. Additionally each student must submit the case work (the 2 files) through the assignment link.

A word of advice: Read the case questions before reading the case. Focus only on the information you need to answer the questions. Do your assignment in Word and always save it and then copy it over, you never know when you will be the victim of technology failure. It would also be helpful if you read the grading rubric before submitting your work. You will know exactly what is expected from you.

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

1.    Estimate the impact of the corporate branding strategy. You will have to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value Analysis (CLTV) without corporate branding (using data assumptions of 2003) and compare these results with those of the CLTV with corporate branding. To conduct the CLTV, follow the spreadsheet provided in the excel file. First, complete the assumptions worksheet and then use the information to get the CLTV from 2004 to 2009 using the data assumptions of 2003 (year 0).

2. What would you recommend to Rosewood Hotels & Resorts?
In your answer include the following:
• Provide 3 arguments that would support your decision. • Describe how you would implement your recommendation.

3.  What would be the implications if the retention rate with corporate branding increased only 10% of the average...
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