Sports vs. Action Games

Topics: Video game genres, Game, Play Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: July 19, 2010
Martin 1
Michael Martin Irene Wirshing
Sports games Vs. Action Games Video games have become a major aspect of our society. Kids play it almost every day, even adults get into it. There are many different game types you can choose from such as action, adventure, sports, Disney, and many more. The two that I want to focus on though is sports and action games. Both of them have their own style; action deals with explosions and gunfire usually just a lot of things happening while sports deals with events such as football or golf etc. Even though they are both video games, there are so many differences with each one. Sports games obviously are golf, football, soccer, basketball, and etc. but it’s not anything like an action game. Sports games try to make the game play better each time, make the movement of the game and players flow better, as real as possible. Not that the makers of action games don’t try to do the same thing but not as focused on it as sports guys would be. Even though there are so many types of sports games, there still probably one of the least bought video games on the market. It’s because usually the majority of game holders, like the consoles, is young kids and those kids enjoy games with guns, swords, fighting, and explosions things like that, just not stop action. So the older teenagers are the ones who usually the type to go and get a sports game they can play with friends and such. For me it doesn’t matter really, as long as the game is good and doesn’t get boring. Martin 2...
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