Sports Psychology Paper

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Part I: Aspects of the Career

In this paper today I’ll cover all the basics about a sports psychologist and what the career is all about. Also, we’ll break down the day to day responsibilities and the problems and concerns that sports psychologist deal with daily with athletes and sports professionals. Being a sports psychologist is very interesting because they deal with the mind of the athletes rather then the body. As the old football saying goes “The game is 80% mental and 20% physical. Meaning the person can be as talented as they can be but without being in the right mindset to play you’ve already given yourself a disadvantage.

Sports psychology is the study of how psychological factors affect the way we perform and how participation in sports and exercise affect the way that we think and physical factors. In a day to day scene the sports psychologist focus on a lot of research and the mental look after of the athletes and some sports professionals. Meetings and sit downs are often conducted to see how athletes feel about the way they are performing and ways they think they can approve. Sports psychologists are hit with a lot of different questions and concerns throughout the day such as: ·“What do I do if I’m not feeling the same love for my sport anymore?” · “No matter what I seem to do my head is not in the game right now.” Those are just a few examples. I’m sure they’re asked questions and deal with situations that most other psychologist wouldn’t have to deal with.

When I saw that we had a paper due on any form of psychology we wanted to; I automatically knew I wanted to do my paper on sports psychology. Sports are something I’ve grown up around. It would be easy to write about something that you love so sports psychology it was. While learning about it and reading articles I’ve actually realized that it’s a big part of the behind the scenes picture in sports. Not many people know that they are there to service the athletes. They...
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