Sports Psychology

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Sports Psychology

The division of Psychology that I have chosen to research is Sports Psychology. Exercise and Sport Psychology is listed as division 47 by the American Psychological Association (APA). Alongside sports psychologists, many sports scientists as well as researchers work in the same fields to advance technology and better the future of athletes. Sports psychology has one of the widest varieties of options as subdivisions within division 47. The most common of these sections is Section 1, which are known as “running psychologists” who primarily focus on the action of running or jogging. In order to become a sports psychologist you must first obtain your doctoral degree in psychology, as well as a license to be a psychologist.

Becoming a psychologist requires a decent amount of years’ work through schooling, and proper licensing to legally be able to take up an occupation in the field of psychology. Typically, a masters or doctorate degree is necessary to become a sports psychologist. However, due to the fact that many schools do not contain a sports and exercise psychology course alone, you may need to take separate courses involving psychology or variations of sports and physical therapy/fitness. Some major colleges that offer sports psychology include Kaplan University, Walden University, Argosy University, and Southern New Hampshire University.

Sports and exercise psychologists can play a crucial role for many athletes struggling with psychological and even physical problems within their career. As many would assume, being a professional athlete comes with a lot of stress due to the pressure put upon them as a player. Therefore, it is a sports psychologist’s job to be able to aid players through their hard times and even diagnose them with certain conditions if necessary. Sometimes it is necessary for an athlete to seek help from a psychologist for problems outside of their sport, if it proves to affect their performance....
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