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Topics: Person, Violence, Suffering Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: January 1, 2011

Selfish heroes
Nowadays many people of all ages take part in dangerous sports. Such people epitomize the egoism and the satisfaction only of their own desires and feelings. In the majority of cases they don’t care about their family and close friends, who find no peace waiting for the “heroes” from their competitions. Thereby, the main problem is that such people endanger their own lives and the lives of those who might be called out to help them; they put at stake not only their destinies, but also the health and wellbeing of their near relations. It is important to point out that the number of extreme persons is increasing rapidly. This may be due to the great amount of those who this or that way try to escape from the reality and everyday routine, try to overcome complexes and to prove oneself that he or she is worth, or at least, speaking about. Without doubt, dangerous sports contribute to personal evaluation of oneself and to the character-building. However, there are other activities which assist a person in self-actualization and self-esteem. It goes without saying, that participation in dangerous sports involves a lot of physical training and, of course, good knowledge of the inner components of the sport process (for instance, equipment, necessary skills and state of health). It requires firmness, stamina and willpower. In contrast to it, people who take part in such kind of sports are often considered to be out of their minds, as they put at stake their own life in order to have or to show a strong character. For the majority it seems rather illogical and even nonsensical. In conclusion, it is possible to say that dangerous sports have some benefits, even if for the minority. Nevertheless, such people should understand the whole responsibility not only for their own lives, but for the lives of those who care about them and who are ready to relieve.

Should dangerous sports be banned? Yes!   Millions of people play sport every...
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