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Changing the Organizational Culture: Reenergizing the Athletic Department Jason

Efforts to change the organizational culture of companies large and small have been attempted by many professionals, with varying rates of success. The reason success has varied with the process is due to resistance to the change in comfort zone from those involved in the process of culture change. In this paper the process of culture change will be discussed, as a plan will be outlined to change the current culture in a stagnant athletic department. The plan will first call for observation of the current work environment and the staff in the current environment, and conduct employee interviews to develop an understanding of the attitudes within the department. Second the plan will require the development of a framework outline that creates a new vision, company mission, and establishing keys for success with clear pathways to allow promotion and growth. Finally the paper will discuss the implementation of the designed plan, which will only be effective with the full support of leadership and lead to the beginning of a fresh culture start within the department. Keywords: framework, implementation, vision, mission,


The task of changing the culture of any organization is a difficult one to say the least. It is due to this fact that many organizations rather remain on the same course, if the current results bring in some profit. The reason being that change usually cost increased financial investment, that some see as not worth the headache involved. Cultures form in organizations for many reasons, but it usually follows the attitude of leadership in the company and then trickles down to all the movable parts below. In order to change to culture established in a department, the new director must first observe the current culture that exists and assess the things that need to be addressed in the change process.

Assessing the Current Department Culture

The process of assessing the culture of the workplace takes time and effort, from those observing the current environment. This process may be one that yields positive results; or it may show a negative atmosphere of dysfunction. Regardless of what is learned from the process, the overall goal must not be forgotten; which is to learn from what is seen and make the proper adjustments to improve the organization. The observer must pay attention to the people in the environment noting how they perform there duties, the attitude they show towards the work performed, and how peer to peer interaction in the office environment. These components are the main contributions to the positive and negative factors that dominate the culture of the work environment.

Observing the Culture

Preparing to transform the athletic department requires close observation of the existing culture in the athletic department. The new leadership must observe the way that the employees interact with each other, and the current physical environment of the department office. This task must be viewed with the eyes and attitude of and outsider, who is observing something for the first time and is completely unaware of the normal office culture and environment. The observer must pay attention to employee interaction within the physical environment of the office, noting if the employees feeling clustered and cramped, or separate and apart due to the office space. The observe must pay attention to employee interactions, with special attention to details like them having positive or negative interaction with each other in the office common areas.

Conducting Verbal Observations

An integral part of the observation process is to interview the employees in the department. (Noe…, et al 2009) This process can be achieved individually or by small group setting, where the participants are provided a comfortable setting where they feel free to express their opinions about the current sate of...

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