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Title: Contemporary Issues in Sport
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Name: WU Ho Nam
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Topic: LONDON 2012 Olympics legacy

Olympic Games, the biggest sports event in the world, every athlete would like to join this game, the Olympics is a dream of every athlete. Many citizen may feel, the Olympics can encourage more people to play sport or to do more physical activity, but is it real? In this essay, we will try to find out how the legacy affect the participation rate of elite athlete or grassroots citizen. LOCOG Chair, Seb Coe(2012), said:

“When we bid for the Games in Singapore in 2005, we said that we would use the power of the Games to inspire young people to take up sport. Places People Play will harness the inspirational power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to promote sport across the country to leave a lasting legacy of sporting facilities, trained volunteers and more people participating in sport. This is what we set out to achieve from bringing the Games to London and the UK.”(, 2012) Olympics legacy can define to different way, because the Olympic legacy can affect different policy, economic, participation. In this essay, will focus on how the Olympics legacy affects the participation. This essay will talk about four main points. It is Trickle Down effect, role model, the education programme and the facilities from sponsor. TRICKLE DOWN EFFECT

Rachel Cooper reported that there are some theory is the TRICKLE DOWN EFFECT (Hindson et al. 1994). A trickle down model suggests that development in sports participation will happen in a "top down" way. It is based on the assumption that the successes of elite athletes (top) and the subsequent media publicity will directly impact the behaviors and attitudes of ordinary people (down). In the sports legacy case, the elite athlete is the top of trickle down model, the citizen is the base of trickle down model. If this model is right, it will not have a positive effect in participation rate (Cooper. 2011). After that, Hindson(No date) explained more about how the Trickle Down effect work, the Trickle Down effect model is ineffective because promoting elite athletic models may actually discourage sports participation. This explanation has been conceptualized as a greater likelihood that a new sports participant will resist further involvement in the sport if they are conscious of large "gap" between their competence and the top-level athletes' level of excellence (Cooper. 2011). If this theory is correct, the Trickle Down Effect will not encourage more people to do more physical activity. But this theory have two side, if this theory is not correct, means the Trickle Down effect can increase the participation rate of the new start people, it may increase the rate of the elite level athlete, because the can find the potential people from the grassroots level. To increase the participation rate of elite level, they may have a good skill development; a good development sport may affect the participation rate from grassroots because of funding. A good development sports are easy to get a good result in sports event. The government will happy to give funding to this sport. It may increase the participation rate of grassroots. But generally, it just can sustain the elite sports. This is a definitely different way. ROLE MODEL

One of the possible ways to get more people participant sports may the role model. The Olympics or any major sports event will create many role models, the London 2012 Olympics also have many role models, the citizen will thing the athlete who won the medal is a hero, because they training very hard to win the Olympics. But is...
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