sports injuries

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Sports injuries
Management of specific types of sport injuries by
1.How should you manage a player who has a blood nose?
The first thing you should do is, contain the blood. You do this by pinching the bridge of the nose then grab a tissue so blood won’t go everywhere. After that what you do is position the patient comfortably but also leaning a bit forward so the falling blood with be at an incline. The second thing is, stopping the flow. First pinch the nose and lean forward foe ten mins so that will ease the flow of blood. After the ten minutes have passed check for bleeding. If pinching doesn’t work place an ice pack on the nose The third thing is, knowing when to call the doctor. Most nose bleeds on last a little while, but if it doesn’t stop call a doctor because it might be more serious then you think. The fourth thing is prevention. The use of nasal spay is recommended also being in cool places and not picking your nose will help too. 2.What are the common types of soft tissue injuries and give example of each There are many soft tissue injuries. These include sprains, strains, contusions, tendonitis, bursitis and stress injuries. Sprains – A sprained ankle can happen when the foot turns inwards. Strains – a strain is a simple stretch of the muscle or tendon. Contusions – a contusion happens when you receive a hit to a muscle or tendon and it bruises. Tendonitis – the stresses that aggravate the tendon is called tendonitis. Bursitis – small repeated stresses and over use can cause the bursa in the shoulder elbow, hip, knee, and ankle. Stressed injuries – the bone is stressed from over use, the bone can have tiny breaks. 3.What are the signs of a winded player and how would you treat them? What must you not do to a winded player? The symptoms of a winded player are; sudden blow to the stomach, difficulty breathing and anxiety. To treat a winded player put them in a crouched position so the muscles will relax breath and stay as calm as...
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