Sports Injuries

Topics: Sprained ankle, Exercise, Stretching Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: April 13, 2013
• Rehabilitation is the process of restarting a person’s physical functionality to a normal state, or as near as physically possible, there are two main types of responses that I am going to discuss in this booklet, they are Physiological responses and Psychological responses common to sports injuries.

Injury one: Sprained knee
Treatment that should be done immediately: Treatment that is done immediately can be critical for the healing process of the injury and long-term damage of the injury. Firstly the treatment must be initially diagnosed and found out how the injury was caused, this is very important to know what treatment to use on the injury. For the likes of a sprained knee injury it is very important not to put any pressure on it, this is to prevent any further damage that could happen even through walking around on it. To further aid the knee and help it recover, crutches are a very good idea to prevent any force and pressure on the knee joint. Another great point and bit of information to use if you have this injury is the ‘PRICE’ method. The price method consists of 5 parts, these include: PROTECT the knee to ensure it doesn’t get further damaged, REST the knee to aid the recovery, apply ICE to the knee to the numb the pain, ensure that the knee has COMFORTABLE SUPPORT and finally ELEVATE the knee to ensure it gets a good supply of blood to it to help the recovery time. Long term treatment: After around 6 weeks of using the PRICE method and resting the injury regularly you should be getting back to full fitness and feel comfortable exercising again. Taking part in sports such as football and rugby, or going to the gym for a certain period of time will help strengthen and condition the knee, to prevent the injury reoccurring. Adding on to this I would recommend seeking out a physio’s advice before starting a new exercise programme, especially if your new exercise consists of heavy leg exercises such as squatting at the gym, the...
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