Sports Enterprises: A New Practice Field

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A New Practice Field


1.1. General Description of Work3
1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid3
1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities3
1.4. Location of Work4

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Sports Enterprises, is seeking proposals from small businesses and large businesses from commercial construction contracting organizations that has the capability to design and construct a football, soccer and track and field practice field. 1.1. General Description of Work

Sports Enterprises, owns a semi-pro football team in (Los Angeles County) Sherman Oaks, California. Sports Enterprises, has purchased 20 acres of land and plans to build a practice field. The facility will be designed and built for use by the team players and coaches only, and will not require accommodations for spectators. 1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid

Los Angeles County plans install a 410 feet by 400 feet synthetic turf field at the current Football Practice Field site located on Balboa Blvd and Haynes St. Currently the field is used for different sports activities such as football practices, football camps track and field and soccer. The modified field will be used for football team practices and camps as well as practices and camps for soccer, track and field. Only authorized staff and athletes will have access to the new field once it is completed. The Athletics Department will be primarily responsible for the operation and maintenance of this facility. The existing Football Practice athletics field is a natural grass field, which requires frequent mowing and other maintenance. During the school year and summer, the field is used for multiple team practice, which is a lot of wear and tear on the field. The new and improved field will allow for a more reliable...
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