Sports Development Paper

Topics: Sport, Sociology, Positive youth development Pages: 4 (1425 words) Published: March 21, 2013
‘Discuss the difference(s) between development of sport, and development through sport.’

Sports development is the extension of opportunities in participating in sport. As stated by the Sports Council (1993) sports development is about ensuring the pathways and structures are in place to enable individuals to learn basic skills, participate in sports of their choice, allowing individuals to develop their competence and performance to reach excellence. “Its assessment of the need to promote and achieve world class sporting performance and excellence and to promote the UK as a venue for major international sporting events, and its priorities for the time being for addressing them” (UK Sport, A C B Ramsey 2007) There is a main divide in the development of sport and the development through sport. This divide is that the development of sport looks at getting people involved in sport whereas the development through sport links social factors in sport together creating a healthy social capital. The development of sport is the extension of participation in sporting activities. This can be done through various effects such as facilities, funding, national governing bodies (NGBs) and the sports development continuum. One main development of sport is “Sport: Raising the game” which is a strategy that set out to revitalise British sport in 1995 by the Government. The main focus was to put sport at the heart of a school’s curriculum to ensure that sporting opportunities continue after school. This government strategy wanted to see improvements in the way we identify and support up-coming talented athletes, and to create a British academy of sport as a pinnacle of regional network of centres for sporting excellence and an academy for particular sports. Sport: Raising the game (C. Rose, pp.15-17) considers the role of schools in contributing to the objectives of the scheme and that extra curriculum will introduce future elite performers. ‘Raising the game’ identified...
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