sports coaching session plan

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Session Plan
Name of Coach:
Rayhan Ahmed
Thursday 20th march
Age Group:

Session Title:

Coaching Points:
1. being well balanced when delivering the punches
2. keeping you hand up at all times
3. making sure that the jab follower throw with the shoulder extended. 4. Keeping your head up at all times and being able to be nice and light on your foot.

Warm Up:
For my warm up we will be doing side steps followed by light jogging. This would allow all the participation muscles to be warmed up so they can start stretching there muscles.

Then do arm circles, stand shoulder width apart. Move both arms in complete circle forward 5 times and then backwards 5 times.

Then we would also be doing shadow boxing which will be teaching the basics of how to be throwing a punch and returning back to position.

Technical work:
They would pair up in two’s and they would start doing pad work. During pad work, I would be teaching how to throw a correct jab which would be thrown with the full shoulder extension. Making sure that the much has been followed throw.I would be making sure this technique is also being carried out for the back hand, hooks and upper cuts.

It is impotent that there footwork is good so that they manage to keep their self’s on balance and also they would need to twist and turn their hip to be able to punch from different angels


My organisation skill went well; I made sure I showed up 15mintues before the session had started with all the equipment stetted out. This showed that I was ready to coach during and it was a sign of professionalism. Also made sure that every exercise changed on time so that participants weren’t getting and also leaving us to learn the exercise. For example during my session I taught the basic of punching first such the job, straight and hook. After learning we moved on to counter punching, which we spent more time because...
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