Sports Chiropractors

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The Importance of Sports Chiropractors
Sports chiropractors are extremely common in today’s society. Although a relatively new practice, the chiropractic profession is growing at a rapid rate, and due to the high pace many chiropractors are not in demand. Many individuals easily overlook the chiropractic field, while others receive treatment on a weekly basis. Many individuals do not take this profession seriously until the given athlete is injured and needs care in order to get back in the game. Many do not know that sports chiropractors can greatly reduce the risk of injury. Today’s athletes are not properly informed of the benefits sports chiropractors can provide for them, in both rehabilitation of an injury as well as prevention of an injury. Sports chiropractic is a relatively new practice in regards to the history of sports. Some form of sports has seemingly been around since humans have walked the earth. Organized sports started in the very early years of the human race. Modern Day sports developed at the turn of the 20th century. Chiropractic has developed as a major aspect of sports only over the last couple of decades. Many people do not trust or believe in using chiropractors in sports. But it is a rising trend for todays’ athletes, coaches, and athletic trainers. Injuries are obviously very common in any kind of physical activity. The human body can only take so much and more times than not physical activity requires more output than the body can produce. According to Marianne S. Gengenbach with Dynamic Chiropractic, “After all, athletes are often used to being injured, having their injury diagnosed (most often as a soft-tissue problem), and being treated. What essentially separates chiropractors apart from other providers of health care for athletes is that we often insist on manipulation of the joints of our patients, either in the spine, extremities, or both. Just as often, athletes will tell you, "I just do better when I get adjusted," and while there are still no well-controlled studies about manipulation and athletic performance enhancement, the anecdotal reports roll in fast and thick.” (Gengenbach) The phrase, “Look good, feel good, play good,” is a very good way of putting the psychological benefits sports chiropractors offer. The mind is a very complex thing and usually with any sport is ninety percent of being successful. I know from experience, if I don’t feel good and think I am going to do bad, I will most likely perform poorly. The same goes for the opposite. When I feel good and think I am going to perform, I get the job done. No studies can truly be done on this aspect of any sport, but I think it can greatly improve with the use of sports chiropractors. Chiropractors specialize in the non-drug care of musculoskeletal crisis, which ranges from joint sprains to disk injuries. To some degree, there is a difference between chiropractic treatment and the approach to traditional medical care. A chiropractor’s primary patient inspection consists of standard orthopedic and neurological tests in order to diagnose whether a precise pain is due to a strain, sprain, or disk problem. Sports chiropractors have made several contributions to sports medicine, and many people are unaware of what they have done. These contributions include hands-on adjustments of the spine and other joints in order to maintain a full range of motion, and promote a heavy prominence on the structural balance of the body (Burres). Jeff Burres, a sports chiropractor that owns and runs his own practice, claims “The best way to prevent sport injuries is by knowledge of the ways to prevent them.” His article gives a very good insight to the profession as well as its importance to the rehabilitation of injured athletes. He mentions how sports now look at chiropractors as a last resort for a nagging injury, using drugs and surgery before anything. He rejects this statement claiming that “sports chiropractors allow the runner to...

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