Sports and Religion

Topics: Religion, Prayer, Monday Night Football Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Why can't they do that somewhere else? Athletes are not shoving religion down our throat, please, that claim is ridiculous. Taken by how he expresses himself about his faith, Tim Tebow is arguably one of most religious athlete around, and this kid isn’t even a pro athlete, yet he is one of the most respected players in America. Tebow isn’t trying to make anyone change religion when he writes John 3:16 on his eye black, and believe me if you are a fan going to a football game, religion is one of the last things you see from the stands. The players are out on the field beating the hell out of each other, however praying, no matter what religion you are, what team you play for, or what the scoreboard says, is majorly a part of the any sporting event. It’s not like praying is showing the players religious belief, since I think every religion prays, it’s just simply a part of the game to take a knee and say some prayers. Think about it from little league to the professionals whenever someone gets hurt you take a knee and what are you suppose to do? Pray that the injured athlete is alright. Rick Reilly, the auther, says it’s alright for an athlete to make the sign of the cross before a play, but that a gathering at the end of the game, were players from both team get down and give thanks that no one was injured and they hope that the next game goes just the same is wrong to him. I am surprised to see an article about this issue. Athletes aren’t priest trying to get you to join their religion, they go and play they’re heart out, and for them to get down on a knee and give thanks after a well played game, it is showing respect, respect to the other team for the most part, that even though in the game we may hate each other, in the end we all feel the same way, glad that no one got hurt and are grateful to be doing something we love.

These lines coming from Rick Reilly’s “Save your Prayers” article; “Besides, just because you rant and rave about how tight you are with...
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