Sports and Politics

Topics: Olympic Games, Diplomacy, 2007 AFC Asian Cup Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Is sports too closely linked to politics?

The scope of sports has changed to include many aspects today, such as commercialization, endorsement and moneymaking opportunities. However sports continue to remain closely linked to politics, it may sometimes cross over the line of being overly linked to politics. Sports diplomacy is when sports are used as a political tool to enhance (or sometime worsen) diplomatic relationship between two entitles. The nature of sports is changed when parties get too obsessive in winning the match and win glory for their country. When politicians used sports as a platform to achieve their political aims, it defeats the purpose of sports and over-influence the purpose of sports. Also, Sports is also able to have a great impact between political relationships between countries, it becomes a two-way relationship between politics and sports, and sport is too closely connected to politics when each is able to have a direct and great impact on the other. Politics is closely linked to sports especially when countries treat playing on the field like raging a war against each other.

Nationalism and sports are often intertwined, as sports are able to bring unity to a country. Most sports are contested between national teams, which encourage the use of sporting events for nationalist purposes. For example, in the 2007 AFC Asian cup, despite ethnic factionalism in Iraq and an invasion by the American military, they won the biggest tournament in Asian football. This has brought happiness to the whole country and they celebrated in unity. When national teams win, they have a strong sense of national pride as they represented the country. Countries are all vying for the same prestigious title and by topping the other countries it is giving the glory and shine to the country. The patriotic feelings are also observed when one’s national song and national flag is raised as it commands respect from other nations too. This runs contrary to the...
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