Sportdog Case Study Answers

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The SportDOG Field Trainer 425S is an excellent product due to the price and availability to its targeted audiences. This product is available online and in selective stores. The price of this product is geared to its targeted audience. SportDog sells more products than just this one and has other products to cover any losses this product may find itself into.
Analyze relationships between a company's place strategies for a product and its economic success
The SportDOG Fieldtrainer 425S is located online and in stores. You can purchase this product from the company’s website, sporting goods stores, sportsman stores or farming type stores. Some of these companies are Tractor Supply, CO-OP, Chewy’s, LL Bean, Dick’s Sporting Goods and
Most of these stores do not sell in store or even have a store, they deal mostly online sales. Tractor Supply and CO-OP sell inside the stores as well as online. Chewy’s LL Bean, Dick’s Sporting Goods and are selling...

Chewy’s has the price set at $ 179.95. Dick’s has their price set at $179.95. Tractor Supply has the price set at $168.95. A lot of sale seem to come from other stores than SportDog sells this item to other stores and have marked it down as time has passed.
Describe potential management challenges related to recommended changes to a company's place strategies
SportDOG seems to put their product in the hands of the target markets hands. These stores that I have found that are sold at are geared in sporting, hunting and pet/animal uses. Because e-collar business is very competitive a marketer must be smart and push into target audiences. With this product is versatile in it can be used in sportsman uses or lay person uses. This helps in that they now have at least two target marketing areas to travel to.
Describe potential management challenges related to recommended changes to a company's price...
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