Sport that has been played for years

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A Sport that has been played for decades. Football is among the greatest sports played in history. That’s why it’s called America’s game. However, in the past few years, the sport has become very dull and unentertaining. The NFL has implemented rules and regulations that have taken the excitement from the sport. Some changes that can counter that, and make things more interesting. Stop taking away celebrations out of the game, Add more contact (bring the sport back to a contact sport), and stop calling so many penalties! Celebrations are a part of the game of Football. Ever since football has been watched, and televised celebrations are there. Now the NFL is cutting out some of the most popular players favorite celebrations. Something as simple as dunking the football over the goal post, will cause a fifteen yard penalty. That is so childish. Taking away something as simple as a celebration, which can really be a crowd entertainer. As a former player, when you score, make a big hit, or make a good play, celebrating is exciting. It’s a way of letting your emotions out. With taking that away some players can’t let their emotions out. Jimmy Graham is probably one of the best tight-end to play the game of football. He is super talented. There is a certain celebration he used to do, and the NFL took it away from him! According to many Saints fans, this was very displeasing to them. If the NFL would allow more of the celebrations, excitement would go up, and ratings would go up. Changing celebration will raise ratings, but if you add more contact the ratings will be even higher. Contact is still obviously a major piece of Football, but it has become softer. There are not many big hits anymore. You don’t see the hits that energize a team, or energize the crowd. The reason why is because the NFL is flagging players for big hits. Hitting the Quarterback is pretty much illegal now. You might as well give the Quarterback a red jersey, and not even have a pass rush....
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