Sport Stars as Endorsers

Topics: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India national cricket team, Rahul Dravid Pages: 8 (2652 words) Published: August 22, 2013
The formulas for advertising changed way back during world war 2 when they saw celebrities influencing consumers through ads and the trend is been going on since.The phase from 1950’s to 1980’s was the pioneering phase and it was characterized by limited channels of communication,demand exceeded supply and heavy governmental regulations.Some bigger companies from their global experience introduced the concept of celebrity endorsements.The phase from 1980’s to 1990’s was the gowth phase in which television was introduced and it was an effective medium of communication.It also changed when stars went global through Asiads and World Cup victory.Vimal,Thumbs up,Gwalior and Dinesh are some of the brand which used the stars in the early days of advertising.There was a flow of celebrity advertising using stars like Tabbasum(Prestige cookers),Kapil Dev(Palmolive shaving cream) and Sunil Gavaskar(Dinesh suitings). India is a country here people love to live in dreams.They worship celebrities especially like Sachin Tendulkar,Mahender Singh Dhoni or Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.The people of our country treat them as gods.The marketers use his very emotions of the consumers and ropes celebrities for their endorsements for which they pay a huge sum of money to the celebrities.Aristotle said, “Beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction.”this summarizes that why so many products are endorsed by the celebrities. If Virat Kohli is spraying a deodorant,Mahender Singh Dhoni is munching lays or Sachin Tendulkar is wearing a nike shoe,it makes you feel the need to have those Nike shoes or that deodorant.This is exactly what endorsements do.They get right inside our head and they influence us in such a way thet it changes our want of the product into a need.Endorsements are basicly a written or visual statement which is supposed to be promoted by a celebrity. The basic formula is to combine certain activities to influence the customers.There has been an increase in the number of celebrities in endorsements over the past years.Celebrities have special attributes which reflects on the products which may seem lacking otherwise. The sporting industry has developed as a global phenomenon in recent history.New formats of games have launched and many new teams have arrived which include some brilliant players and their fans willing to pay huge amount of money to see their favourite stars playing and in hopes to get some souvenirs as a memory.Many other fans just buy the particular brand of sports items or products which are worn by their favourite sportstars in the endorsements.A lot of celebrities endorse a lot of products which are meant for the fans purchase.Many hockey players and football players offer their services in endorsing products.Everything from car batteries to soft drinks to has been marketed by a sprts personality.This is a good strategy in which the fans know that their favourite sportstars attributes are reflected in the products and this leads to a good amount of puschase by the consumers.Daniel J. Boorstin,a famous American writer quotes “A sign of a celebrity is that is name is often worth more than his services.” Celebrity endorsements have become a trend in today’s marketing world.Celebrity endorsements have several benefits,like building credibility and getting attention of the public,which can lead to higher sales.Celebrities are chosen for almost all kinds of products such as readymade garments,toiletries,razor blades,hotels,telecom,soft drinks,hard drinks and among others.Most companies take celebrities on contracts and makes them the brand embassadors for better sales of the products.For example,The famous sportstars Sachin Tendulkar endorses everything from tyres,Palio car to Pepsi,Visa,Adidas,stock trading products and music systems. Statistics show that endorsements have helped sport stars to keep up their heavy bank balances. One of the first sports endorsements in...
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