Sport Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Anxiety, Mind Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: February 16, 2013
tExercise is an accessible method of fulfilling a person's physical goals which they have for their own body. Humans are capable of engaging in a variety of exercises including running, playing a game of volleyball, or even surfing. In spite of the many physical accomplishments which humans can gain from physical exercise, people are also capable of encountering many psychological benefits from doing so. Studies have shown that exercising release certain chemicals in our brain that results in a good feeling. For instance, a late The beauty behind physical exercise is not only due to physical benefits which humans receive due to it, but also from the positive psychological energy given to humans that helps motivate us to continue the journey of life.

arousal regulation, imagery, self confidence, attention, or concentration , goal setting

write a 4-5 page paper.
the assignment thing said "you will write an article for a sports magazine on a topic from the psychological skills training section of the book that you find interesting. ( choices are: arousal regulation, imagery, self confidence, goal setting attention or concentration ) The format of your aticle should be similar to those in the actual newsletter or magazine. Be creative: include graphics and diagrams, get the readers attention with quotes and create a catchy title. write in language that is accessible to individuals who have never taken a sport psychology class. Be sure to include good content and ideas for how this information can be applied to specific situations ( using examples in a good idea )."

One's performance can soar like an eagle once you defeat the psychological struggles flooding one's mind. Anxiety is the main proponent to affecting any human being from giving their utmost potential in a sport. Anxiety is derived from due to self-insecurities. There are various approaches which you can make when confronting one's psychological struggles hindering...
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