Sport Management

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Business Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Chapter 10 Review
This chapter explains many terms and concepts of sport management and marketing agencies and I found it really interesting. The key points covered on this chapter are functions of sport management and marketing agencies, types of sport management and marketing agencies. Also the careers and challenges , and the critical thinking and ethics in agency activities. First of all, sport management and marketing agencies perform a vast scope of functions. Examples of such agencies are IMG and Octagon agencies. Management and marketing agencies have some important functions to show. Client management and representation is one of them, which means representing a client in contract negotiations and making marketing decisions. Event creation is a key one too. The growth of sport television, the sport networks and the development of a new satellite technology. Grassroots and participatory programs are programs that targeted to people at the primary level of involvement, usually participants rather than spectators. Something that is happening now, is downsizing which means organizations are becoming smaller by reducing personnel or departments , often because of a change in the mission or direction of the organization. More than one thousand agencies identify themselves as sport management and marketing agencies. There are full-service agencies that offer the full range of services, including client management. About IMG, the author of the book claims that is the first completely dedicated marketing agency. The roles of sport marketing change after television gained greater influence in sports, and now not only they manage athletes but other sport properties and events as well. IMG represents athletes, performing artists , writers, fashion models, broadcasters, speakers, corporations, resorts and most recently college athletics. It is the largest sport agency in the world, with 58 offices in 30 countries. IMG is also involved in client...
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