Sport injuries

Topics: Warming up, Stretching, Exercise Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: May 22, 2014
Imagine if every athlete never got hurt or injured while doing a sport. Well, that will never be reality. Many student athletes never think of the outcome from doing sports. The only thing that is on their mind is becoming the fastest or strongest athlete, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Sport injuries have increased rapidly since previous years, and it is currently a major part of many athletes’ lives today. Long ago, there were less people, specifically, athletes going to hospitals and going to see physical therapists for injuries. Now days, not only are teenage athletes going to hospitals and physical therapists, but children are going as well. In the article, “Young Athletes Feeling the Pain of Too Much Play”, a study was presented and looked at for specialization in young athletes and the risk of injury, it stated that, “… 1206 specialized athletes ages 8 to 13 who were involved in the study, 859 of them were injured, 564 with injuries caused by overuse—139 serious” (Kara Yorio). This shows that many adolescents are suffering from injuries. And that was just a low number of athletes that were involved in that study. It doesn’t record for the fact that athletes younger than eight and athletes older than thirteen are injured. The importance and reputation placed on a well known achieving athlete in America today has led to the increase in injuries. Injuries can be avoidable when the proper precautions are taken and the best decisions are made based on the athletes’ health background and future. An injury is the harm or damage done to oneself. Participating in competitive sports comes with that risk of many injuries as well as health problems. Sport related injuries are a serious concern among teenage athletes and can affect their life in many ways. Athletes should become knowledgeable and aware of the long term affect of an injury, so that they won’t become permanently damaged for the rest of their life. Sport...
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