Sport: Football

Topics: FIFA World Cup, A.C. Milan, CONMEBOL Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: August 11, 2009
Sport: Football

Football is one of the most popular and important sport in the world.FIFA World Cup,which is being held once in four years is the the biggest sporting event second only to the Olympics.In this competition,football talents from all continents will gather to bring the ultimate prize for their respective nation.In the recent 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany,almost one billion people from all over the world watched the final between France and Italy.Apart from world cup,football is also one of the major events in the Olympics.Although most the countries are represented by their youth it does not affect football from being one of the major attractions besides the athletics event.In fact,many of the established football stars i.e. Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Messi and Tevez made their name first in the Olympics.Moreover,most country has realized the importance of football as they introduce their own league.England with their English Premier League,Spain with their Spanish Primeira,Italy with their Seria-A and Malaysia with its own M-League.Football fanatics will stay put in front of their television week by week just to watch their favourite team in action.In fact,most of the football stadiums of well known clubs such as Real Madrid,Arsenal and AC Milan are full everytime there is a match.In brief,football will remain as an important and crowd pulling sport with the help of media coverage,popular football stars and sponsors.Football itself is seen as a good norm which has been internalized by many family which make it as a family event.
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