Sport Facilities Questionnaire

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Business English 6
Questionnaire for Sport Facilities at Anglia Ruskin University

Our group are doing a research about the sports facilities available at ARU on the Cambridge campus. There are five main facilities: Fitness Suite, Howes Close sports grounds, the Tennis courts, Aerobics studio, Fenners Cricket Grounds (Gym is not included). Your opinion is very important to us. Please spare some time to complete this questionnaire.

Q1Gender: MaleFemale

Which country are you from? ________________________

Which course are you studying?______________________

And at which level? 1 2 3  Postgraduate

Q2 Have you ever used any sport facility mentioned above? Yes (Go to Q4) No (Go to Q3)

Q3Why don’t you use these facilities?
Do not like sports
Can not find facilities I want
I do sports outside campus Why? Please explain the reasons:__________________________________

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Finish------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q4Where do you usually find out information about the sport facilities?
Information from University
Recommended by friends
By myself

Q5 How often do you make use of the facilities?  More than once a week
 Weekly
Less than monthly

Q6 Which facilities do you often use? Fitness Suite
Howes Close sports grounds
Ping-Pang table
Tennis court
Aerobics studio
Fenners Cricket Grounds
Q7 Please rate the quality of the playing facilities you often use. | Very Good| Good| Satisfactory| Poor|...
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